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 TanMan's App For Coder or GM

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PostSubject: TanMan's App For Coder or GM   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:59 am

Name: Jake novisky
Age: 15 or soo birthdays in may
Location: OHIO!!
Contact Info: Aim: slivernickle Skype:slivernickle1222 E-Mail:
Myspace: Telephone # 9-1-1 Call Meh!
TimeZone: -5 idk Eastern Central time

ive been a gm in many servers like
GenMills: Well i was Admin but i but it down cuz i had mor eimportant things to do
LMstory: Gm for 5-6 months i think its still up idk
RichMS: Gm for 3-4 months got shut down cuz his computer crashed ane they had to like buy a new one so he was to lazy to rebuild
BugGulpMS:Gm for 1 month i lost my gm post cuz i let my brother play on my acount so he could say he had gm exp so he could become a gm in a diff server

Host what events:I love to host events if i dont get Full GM id love to jsut be a EH (event holder) i have about 20 not pads with 100+ True/False Questions i have many Question/Answer notpads for like movie trvia id have to make one for Server Trvia
I also love to hold fashon events im a pretty good judge and Jump Quest is my fav and alot of people love it to

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory: When i wake up around noon to about 3-6 am my time so im on a good deal yesh call me a no life loser all i have is the computer idc its my life =D so if theres some late night hacker ill catch him

Other Comments:Im easy to get along with im friendly i think im funny i can come up with funny outfits to make people laugh like one timy i put on a hood and a cryign mask and this priate chair where it looks like ur tied up adn i use a chalk board and said "He Wont Let Me Go!!!!" and the admin of dominican story though that was funyn there # 5 or soo on xtremetop 100 i can also code sorta good bud id rather perfer a gm post if you want leave a comment adn ill give you my complete coding history and exp
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TanMan's App For Coder or GM
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